FAQ for not getting answers back from oracle

1. Is the correct oracle address whitelisted?

The correct oracle address is available here: https://docs.galadriel.com/quickstart

2. Do you have funds on your address?

Can check from the explorer: https://explorer.galadriel.com/address/my_wallet_address

3. Is your contract deployed?

Can you see your contract in here: https://explorer.galadriel.com/address/my_contract_address

4. Can you get an answer with the quickstart?

Did you try out the service with the quickstart tutorial? https://docs.galadriel.com/quickstart

5. Was the tx sent to the oracle?

Check the explorer for your own account: https://explorer.galadriel.com/address/my_wallet_address

Do you see a successful tx?

6. Is your Solidity code working as expected?

Have you tested your code? Can you send back answers to your own contract?

If your code has an error in the callback function and the tx gets reverted then the Oracle just can’t send the response back. Make sure you yourself can call this function on your contract: https://github.com/galadriel-ai/contracts/blob/45bf72707adc21c5b2d3a2f95ac337ff4dde006c/contracts/contracts/interfaces/IChatGpt.sol#L13

Make sure one of the expected interfaces is implemented https://docs.galadriel.com/reference/overview

7. Can the oracle get the chat history from your contract?

Can you call out getMessageHistory functions? For example this: https://github.com/galadriel-ai/contracts/blob/45bf72707adc21c5b2d3a2f95ac337ff4dde006c/contracts/contracts/interfaces/IChatGpt.sol#L25

8. Can I run the e2e tests on my contract?

Galadriel team has provided a test suite that you can run on your LLM based contract. You can find it here: https://github.com/galadriel-ai/contracts/tree/main/contracts#contract-debugging