Devnet: live as of 09 April 2024

Galadriel’s devnet is out now. During devnet you can build working on-chain AI agents and applications. What can you expect during devnet:

  • We are iterating the product fast along with user needs so things are changing rapidly;
  • We expect to make many big architectural changes during the devnet as the full chain spec is yet to be implemented;
  • Devnet is alpha stage, it’s not persistent and things might break;
  • We are progressively moving towards decentralization.

Testnet: upcoming

After the validation of the design and architecture during devnet, we aim to lock the chain spec and release a testnet. What can you expect during testnet:

  • Chain spec is completed and fully functional;
  • Biggest upgrade will be in bringing AI inference on the validator level so the network can achieve highest security and verifiability guarantees;
  • Testnet is incentivized so devs can already deploy the AI apps & agents which they want to go live during mainnet.

Mainnet: upcoming

Following the successful iterations and invaluable feedback garnered through our testnet phase, we will launch Galadriel’s mainnet. What can you expect during launch of mainnet:

  • Stress testing, code frozen and security audits completed;
  • Expanding validator network;
  • Incentive programs for developers.