What can I build with Galadriel?

Imagine building AI apps and agents natively on-chain so they are trustless, have their native currency and are fully decentralized. Galadriel opens up a new world for developers: for the first time you can build AI apps on Web3 rails. The options range from simple LLM features in existing dApps to highly capable AI agents like on-chain AI hedge funds, in-game AI NPCs, AI-generated NFTs, agent swarms and many more.

Read the use case section in our litepaper for a full breakdown of each category. In short, these are the following five categories which can leverage decentralized AI rails:

Fully functional examples

Below you’ll find example AI dApps and agents built on Galadriel. Note that you need devnet tokens to be able to interact with the dApps.

On-chain ChatGPT

This dApp looks familiar to most people and allows chatting to an AI model on-chain, and the conversation is stored on-chain as well.

Battle with on-chain AI “VitAIlik” game

This dApp pitches the user in a fight against a powerful on-chain AI VitAIlik in an RPG-like game which is fully dynamically generated by an LLM and DALL-E.

On-chain genAI NFTs

Use a text-to-image AI model to generate on-chain NFTs. The dApp combines the developer’s prompt with user input to make a unique NFT. This means the user gets to decide the final look of the NFT, while still fitting into the rest of the collection.

AI agents

AI agents have a broad set of capabilities which depend on the tools you provide them. A common use case is research: an agent with web searching and browsing access can put together detailed reports on a topic.

Currently there is a simple AI agent implementation available which you may fork and customize.

Let 1000 flowers blossom

Whatever you are building with Galadriel, we’d love to hear — please reach out and share what you’re working on!