Galadriel should be compatible with any wallet that supports EVM. Our recommendation is to use MetaMask.

Whenever you attempt to connect your wallet to a dApp running on Galadriel network, you should be automatically prompted to add the Galadriel network to your app. Alternatively, you could connect manually as described below.

Galadriel Devnet is occasionally reset from genesis, so you may need to reset your network; see instructions below.

Network reset

If you previously connected to the Devnet and it has since been reset from genesis, you need to migrate to the new network.

To migrate your wallet, reset your account activity in your wallet. If you are using Metamask, follow these instructions.

To migrate your application, make sure you are using the correct RPC URL ( and Oracle address, and reset off-chain nonce handling if using any.

Connect manually

To connect to the Galadriel devnet manually, follow the guide to add a custom network RPC and use the following settings: